Mobile Legends 515 Carnival

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About the Mobile Legends 515 M-World Event

The annual 515 carnival is back again! Just like last year, there are a ton of 515 event-limited gifts and surprises to look forward to!

As you may have already been able to tell from the image above, this 2022 event will feature Yin, WanWan, and Ling. All 3 heroes will have M-World 515 themed skins up for grabs. Exciting!

Some of you may wonder what M-World stands for. Well, in our opinion, M-World actually refers to the series of annual tournaments (M1-M2-M3-M4) that are organized by Moonton and are well known as the biggest championship event in Mobile Legends! But, this could also be short for “Mobile Legends World”. What do you think it stands for *ahem* Money World?


The 515 M-World Carnival Party Event

This is a month long event and it really is going to be the biggest event of the year once you find out what you can expect from it. The entire event is expected to run from 14 April to 16 May 2022. Here’s what we have gathered about the event so far:

1. Carnival Party (12/04 – 03/05)

In this event, players compete against one another to fulfil daily tasks in order to redeem 515 fragments. Attaining a higher placement will grant you better rewards at the end of each round. The obtained fragments can be exchanged for exclusive rewards such as promo diamonds, and 515 badges (to be exchanged for additional promo diamonds) from the event shop. Here’s a quick tip: because of the way this event is set up, joining minutes to a couple of hours before the beginning of each round may pair you up with bots. This is because, the game requires a part of 5 players and if there are not enough players to fill the slots, the remaining slots will be filled by bots! *You didn’t hear this from us!

2. 515 Battle Craze (12/04 – 22/04)

Complete battle tasks to obtain 515 fragments which can be exchanged for promo diamonds! This event should be quite simple to understand so we won’t go into details. But if you’re wondering what these promo diamonds can be used for, they’re simply the equivalent of regular diamonds but you will only be able to use them on selected items in-game. Also, it is not possible to offset the full amount if the number of promo diamonds you have exceeds the cost of the skin/item. You will still have to pay at least 1 promo diamond for it. Still a good deal however!

3. FREE 515 Skin (29/04 – 15/05)

Fret not F2P players, Moonton has something for you too! Login anytime between 29 April to 15 May to obtain Zilong’s ‘Storm Rider’ skin for FREE!

4. Exclusive 515 Themed Items (30/04 – 23/05)

Obtain a 515 event-limited Border, Recall effect, and Kill effect from 30 April to 23 May.

5. Login Bonus (07/05 – 08/05)

New Hero: Julian Login between 7 to 8 May and collect an exchange token for this new hero. The hero is GURANTEED free by exchanging the token between 14 April to 15 May.

Other Important Dates

  • Wanwan – M-World will be sold in shop from 16/04 – 06/05
  • Ling – M-World will be sold in shop from 23/04 – 06/05
  • Yin – M-World will be sold in shop from 30/04 – 06/05
  • Promo Diamonds will be available for use. (Get your favourite skin for as low as 1 Diamond) – 28/04 – 05/03

Additional Discounts

There will be a 30% OFF launch sale for the 515 Exclusive Skins for the first 3 weeks of the 515 Carnival Party! Price after discount: 629 diamonds. *Watch this video for a preview of the M-World skins!

Good News

Moonton will be bringing back 2021’s featured skins in the 515 event. The S.T.U.N. Squad – consisting of Chou, Selena, and Brody! Back for a limited time only, here’s your chance to get them if you haven’t!

Guinevere's Upcoming Legend Skin

"Psion of Tomorrow"

Guinevere’s – “Psion of Tomorrow” legend skin will be available from 25 April – 16 May! Free tokens will be issued for those that login between 30 April to 2 May and 14 May to 16 May.

Other Crazy Stuff

Enjoy infinite fun – All heroes can be accessed for FREE from 07/05 to 08/05!

Star Protection – From 14/05 to  15/05, enjoy Star Protection and play rank with a peace of mind.

Creation Camp – Become a game designer on 12/04 and win FREE rewards.

Mirror Mode – Mirror mode will return to the Land of Dawn from 22/04 to 28/04.

Overdrive Mode – Overdrive mode will return to the Land of Dawn from 06/05 to 12/05.

Mayhem Mode – Mayhem mode will return to the Land of Dawn from 13/05 to 19/05.

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