What to Expect in Mobile Legends Season 24

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Season 24 – Total War releases on 26th March 2022, 4 PM SGT / GMT+8

Season 24 Preview

What to expect in Season 24?

Season 23 Exclusive Skin

Masha Season 23 Skin - Spirited Gauntlet

Image Credits: belajar bersama yudha

Masha – Spirited Gauntlet

This will be Masha’s 4th skin, on top of her existing Basic, Starlight, and Epic skins – Winter Guard, Combat Maiden, and Dragon Armour respectively.

This skin is completely FREE for players ranked Master and above!

Season 23 Rank Exclusive Rewards

  • Warrior – 100 Tickets, 1,000 BP, and 1x Premium Fragment
  • Elite – 200 Tickets, 2,000 BP, and 3x Premium Fragments
  • Master – Season Exclusive Skin, 300 Tickets, and 4,000 BP
  • Grandmaster – Season Exclusive Skin, 600 Tickets, and 7,000BP
  • Epic – Season Exclusive Skin, 1,000 Tickets, and 12,000 BP
  • Legend – Season Exclusive Skin, 1,500 Tickets, and 20,000 BP
  • Mythic and Mythical Glory – Season Exclusive Skin 1,500 Tickets, 20,000 BP, and 1x Exclusive Emote

Season 24 First Purchase

bane underworld outlaw skin

Bane – Underworld Outlaw

This will be Bane’s 4th skin, on top of his existing Basic, Season 11, and Epic skins – Deep Sea Monster, Warlord, and Castle Master respectively.

This skin can be obtained by making a single purchase of Diamonds throughout the duration of Season 24.

Season 24 Adjustments

Hero Skill Adjustments

– HP Greatly Increased
– Damage now based on her HP

– Art of Hunting Skill 2’s Casting Experience Optimized 
– Power of Wildness – Ultimate’s Scaling Optimized 

Deadly Thorns (Passive) –  Deadly Thorn’s Logic Optimized 
-Wrath of Dryad –  Ultimate’s Effect Enhanced

– Extra Physical Defense Based on Physical Attack
– Wild Charge Ultimate’s Crowd Control Slightly Increased
– Guardian’s Barrier – Skill 2’s Projectile Speed Greatly Increased

Other Hero Adjustments

Season 24 will also bring on new Hero buffs for the following heroes: Martis, Ling, Atlas, Guinevere, Zhask, Gatotkaca, Wanwan , and Johnson.

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